These Heaters can be used for a variety of applications, such as an external heating source for Storage Vessels or direct heating (when no storage tank is used)

  • All heaters are manufactured from Mild Steel or Stainless Steel (depending on the client’s request)

  • The ASME VIII Code of Practice is followed on all our heaters, unless otherwise stated by the client.

  • A Third party Inspection Authority is used when requested or where certification is required.

  • Again, we use three different protective linings, depending on the clients needs, Aluminum Flame Spray + Sigmarite and Phenoline 1205 for normal to aggressive water conditions and a Polyglass VEF lining for extra aggressive water areas.

  • Insulation is done with 50mm IW24 fibre wool and 0.6 galvanized sheet metal or stainless steel/Aluminum sheet metal(on request).Heater are also fitted with ventilated Element Covers.

  • Incalloy immersion elements, Temperature and Pressure Safety Valves, 0-120°C Thermometers and Dual Thermostats are supplied and fitted with all heaters.

  • Control Panels are supplied, fitted to the tank and wired to the elements
    (Other control equipment like voltmeters, timers and ammeters can also be fitted in the IP54 Panel enclosures).

  • All vessels are designed for a working pressure of 400kpa and pressure tested to 600kpa.

  • Vertical & horizontal, 3kw - 360kw, free-standing or skid mounted.


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