KBI Multisteamers KBI Multisteamers

Widely used by nurseries, the tobacco Industry, food and processing plants..
Chilled Water Storage Tanks Chilled Water Storage Tanks

A full range of mild steel & stainless steel chilled water tanks with various linings manufactured....
Industrial Hot Water Vessels Industrial Hot Water Vessels

KBI’s Hot Water Vessels can be used in hospitals, hotels, residential blocks or any other place...
Non-Storage Electric Water Heaters Non-Storage Electric Water Heaters

These Heaters can be used for a variety of applications, such as an external heating source for...
Storage and Non-Storage Steam Calorifiers Storage and Non-Storage Steam Calorifiers

Manufactured with 40mm indented copper tube. Bundles for higher efficiency - fully certified...
Smokeless Hot Water Coal Boilers Smokeless Hot Water Coal Boilers

Extensively used in flats, schools, hostels and hotels for domestic hot water and central heating...
Boilers Boilers

KBI Manufactures, installs, maintains and repairs: Steam, Hot Water, Coal, Electric, Gas and Oil Fired Boilers...
Insulation Insulation

All our vessels come with insulation included, unless a site installation is required, in which case...
Other Products Other Products

KBI also stock a variety of products, from: Incalloy Elements to Thermostats, Thermometers, Safety Valves, Gaskets...
KBI Multisteamers
Chilled Water Storage Tanks
Industrial Hot Water Vessels
Non-Storage Electric Water Heaters
Vacuum Tanks & Pressure Vessels
Steam Calorifiers
Smokeless Hot Water Coal Boilers
Other Products
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